ARC LED Strip 5M Reel

ARC 5M Reel

The new super-slim ARC LED strip has been specifically designed for true handleless and worktop lighting. However, it can also be used on plinths, within cabinets, and recessed into cabinetry to give a discreet look.

At 4 x 7mm, it offers a discreet, dot-less uniform light line. It can be recessed into a worktop, or fitted to aluminium profile within a handeless kitchen using the 3M VHB adhesive tape which is applied to each 5 metre length of strip.

There are 2 metre cables with connectors on each end, and it can be cut at 25mm intervals, therefore cutting down on waste.

The super-slim ARC can negotiate 90 degree internal and external corners without creating any dark spots, and at 1.5w per metre, it is very energy efficient.

The product also comes with a 5 year warranty and is IP67 rated, so it is totally waterproof. It utilises Sycamores plug and play system, so installation times are vastly reduced.

Stock Code: SY9026WW