Magnetic Wireless Door Sensor Switch

This wireless magnetic door sensor switch can turn lights on and off automatically. The switch is secured to the inside of a cabinet using the adhesive back, whilst the separate magnetic contact button is placed on the inside of the door. When the door closes these two components touch, sending a signal to the sensor controller to switch the lights off. Opening the door prompts the lights to turn back on.

Up to 4 switches can be run from one controller, making it perfect for switching lights on and off within bathroom cabinets. The switch runs on two 3V button batteries which are very easy to change when required.

Available in kit format. Each kit contains one controller and specified number of switches.

Stock Code: SY2449/3

Power Supply 12/24Vdc
Cable Length 200mm
Max Current 8mA
Wattage 12Vdc 36W/24Vdc 72W
IP Rating IP20
Mounting Surface