Lighting FAQ's

What are LED’s?

LED’s are Light Emitting Diode’s. As electrical components they convert electrical energy directly to light. LED’s are energy saving because of their efficiency.

I require kitchen Lighting, but i’m not sure what lighting goes where can you help me?

Yes, you can use our Lighting Guide to identify which type of lighting you like. We also have a dedicated technical team to support our trade customers, who are on hand to help with all your needs. Simply email them your kitchen plans and they will send back detailed list of all the lights and extras required. This is a free service exclusive to our customers.

I’m unsure what the difference in colour temperature/appearance means.

The most common terminology is to classify colour temperature as one of the three options. These being warm white, natural white and cool white. more information

What are maximum Lux Levels?

The cone diagrams shown on products show the expected lighting level at a measured distance. These may vary dependant on surrounding surfaces and colour.

What are Beam Angles

The beam angle of a light fitting allows the installer to determine the spacing of light fittings as to achieve the most uniform, consistent lighting onto the desired area.

Can products be dimmed on wall plate dimmers?

Most of our products are dimmable using our dimmers or our 4 zone remote, if the product is described as dimmable in the technical specification. However if you require a wall plate dimmer you will need to use a triac dimmable driver rather than a standard driver. However with these drivers, a minimum load is required. Please contact our technical team for more information