Testing Laboratory

Lighting has become a very technical subject, and as market leaders in our field, we have invested in a fully operational laboratory, and employed a qualified electronics expert, enabling us to offer consistency of information for all the lighting products within our range, offering accurate data for lighting planners. Our huge warehouse facilities and constant stock control enable us to offer a quick and comprehensive delivery service.

Spectroradiometer & Integrating Sphere

This apparatus has been installed within our new laboratory to measure the photometric parameters of light fittings and lamps. We can now offer accurate data in relation to lumen output, colour rendition, colour temperature and power factor of any given luminaire.

EMC Test Cabinet

Allied to the sphere, this piece of equipment measures the electromagnetic interference of light fittings and power converters under test conditions. This test enables us to determine the suitability of installations in different environments, and ensures that our range complies with the criteria that limits these types of emissions from electrical components.


The Gonio-Spectroradiometer, now on site at Sycamore’s laboratory, tests light sources for photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameters. The test system can measure the luminous flux, luminous intensity, average beam angle and illuminance of the luminaire. It also measures the colour temperature, the colour rendering index at different angles, and generates several detailed photometric and colorimetric test reports for our luminaries.