Automatic Mini PIR Adjustable Timer & Lux Sensor

This motion sensor is suitable for installation in plinths or ceilings. It can be used to automatically switch lights on and off by detecting movement. This sensor can be used for LED, halogen and fluorescent light sources.

The unit also features an adjustable timer, which can be set from 30 seconds up to 30 minutes. The unit also has photocell adjustment, so you can adjust the lux level sensor by 10-2000 lux. This enables the user to determine the lighting level at which the switch operates. For example, it can be set so the lights don't trigger in the daylight.

Stock Code: SY7262A

Width 45mm
Cut Out 34mm
Finish White (silver cover available)
Power Supply 240V
IP Rating IP20 (IP65 cover available seperately)
Sensor Range 360 degrees
Timer Adjustment 30 seconds-30 mintues
Lux Adjustment 10-2000 lux
Sensor Distance Seated 4M

Sensor Distance Walking Across


Sensor Distance Walking Towards