5M Reel 24V Flexible LED Strip

This 24V 5M reel is available in warm, natural or cool white offering an option for any type of kitchen design. The strip features 120 LED's per metre for a superb light output, ideal for using under a cabinet to light up a worktop. This LED strip also comes with VHB (very high bond) tape.

A selection of aluminium extrusions are available to house the strip in. Mounting LED strip within an extrusion not only keeps runs straight and neat, it also assists with heat dissipation, therefore prolonging the life of the strip. An extrusion with a cover can also help protect from dust and water splashes.

Stock Code: SY2411WW

Power Supply 24Vdc
Guarantee 3 Years
Wattage 4W per metre
IP Rating IP20
Cut Marks Every 50mm
LED per metre 120