Nova Pro Lithium Battery Light

The new Nova Pro lithium battery light is perfect for situating within cabinets, wardrobes or drawers. The unit features a integrated PIR sensor, to automatically turn the light on when movement is sensed within a 4 metre range. When no further movement is detected after 20 seconds, the unit will turn itself off.

It features a slim, discreet profile, with a diffused natural white LED illuminated panel. It is also easily removed from its magnetic brackets for charging. USB-C charging cable included.

Available in two different lengths;

305mm 505mm

The battery light will last for one month based on 5 minutes use per day, and takes 2.5 hours to charge from empty to fully charged.

Technical Information

Lithium Battery 5V
Battery Capacity 1100mAh/2400mAh
Charging USB-C cable
Colour Natural White

Stock Code: SY9040