Infinity Radio Switch System

Sycamore's Infinity distribution system has been designed to allow all types of furniture lighting to be installed without the need for an electrician. Products showing the Infinity Compatible logo are suitable for use with this system.

The 240V distribution block utilises a simple plug an play design, and there is an additional mains cable with a pre-wired 3A 3 pin plug which goes into a standard domestic 13A socket. This allows all the relevant lighting circuits to be powered from the one supply. There are numerous switching options, ranging from RF wireless control of the 240V AC supply, to infra red sensor control of the secondary 12Vdc circuits.

Mini connectors are also incorporated in the 12Vdc cabinet lights, therefore offering a total fast fit solution to all furniture lighting requirements. The Infinity switch is wireless and switches up to 550 watts of power, offering the ability to control a lighting system without having to chase out walls.

For further information please contact our technical team on 0113 286 6686 or emails

Stock Code: SY7147A