Kinetic Wireless Receiver 12/24Vdc Furniture Lighting

The new wireless Kinetic Switching system allows users to turn on their kitchen, bedroom or bathroom lighting in three different ways.

Lighting can be controlled manually by using;

  • the Wireless Kinetic Switch
  • Through a Smart Phone or Tablet using the Smart Life App (free downloadable App via the QR code on the instruction leaflet)
  • By connecting it to a voice controlled intelligent personal assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Once connected, lighting can be operated with simple commands, such as “Alexa turn on kitchen lights” or “Google dim strip lights”.

Dimming is also possible, by using the 12V/24Vdc furniture lighting receiver with built in dimming facility. Simply holding down the switch activates the dimming process.

Stock Code: SY2416

102mm cut out