4 Zone Controls (Wi-Fi Series) RGB Colour Changing


Our innovative 4 zone remote control system allows wireless control of your RGB colour changing strip lights in the palm of your hand, using ahand held remote, a smart device, or a wall mounted controller.

The new style receiver for 2022 features built in WiFi capabilities, which is compatible with our COB RGB Strip LED lights so you can control your lighting using your smart phone or tablet, by downloading the app, which is free via the Apple store or Android Google Play.

This will allow you to control your connected lights from anywhere in the world as long as you have a 4G or 5G network, or connected to any WiFi network at your location.

We have introduced a wall mounted controller that works in conjunction with the receivers across up to 4 zones. This fits a single wall mounted surface box. All types of switching (remote, smart device, wall mount) can be used to control the same lighting installation.

Please contact our technical department for design ideas and advice.

Stock Code: SY8810/RGBW BL