Micro Infra Red Door/Swipe Sensor

This sensor switch offers a discreet surface mounted or recessed solution for automatic switching of 12/24Vdc LED lighting.

This dual purpose sensor can be used as a door sensor, or a swipe sensor by choosing your desired mode using the simple switch on the side of the sensor.

When in swipe mode, the sensor will turn connected lights on and off when a hand is swiped in front of the sensor.

When in door sensor mode, the sensor will turn connected lights on or off when a door is opened and closed.

Unit includes connection for one light, a 12 Way Distribution Block can be purchased separately if required.

Stock Code: SY8814

Voltage 12/24Vdc
Max Wattage 12Vdc - 100W 24Vdc - 200W
Current 10A
Mounting Recessed or Surface (vertical or horizontal)
Sensor Distance up to 7cm
Cable Length 2m sensor cable
Input Cable 1M with connector
Output Cable 1M with connector
File Type:

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